Dear visitors,

I continued to question the force of my paintings and the framework they operate while looking for a fitting subject and recognition for them. I learned how to express myself creatively on a certain issue while studying, so I had complete media freedom. Dealing with media freedom and object choice in a painting has been a challenge since it is tied to both intellectual thinking and technical concerns. At the same time, the process of making an art piece raises my awareness of how I see my surroundings.


With my paintings, I aim to explore what a painting means to me, what the magic is, and how to create it. My art features a balanced composition and narrative sequences reduced with the use of symbolic signals. It's largely about isolation and mysticism. 


My primary characters wear suits and Venetian masks to symbolize cultural purity and diplomacy. They wander through rooms that appear familiar but always include an encrypted component. In general, what appears to be fairly appealing and coherent often includes mysteries or secrets. Despite having a plan for a painting, I am surprised by what others read into it in the end. As Werner Büttner once said, "A good painting consists of many entries so that many people can step into it." So, on the one hand, I want to create access, but on the other hand, I also want to create confusion.


I am certain that the medium of painting can portray a certain charm that the digital world cannot. A handcrafted item is always a blend of magic and content.



Johannes Spiegler